What is MyMediaConnect?

The Brand Management solution for efficiently organising your projects, assets & people within a centralised digital ecosystem.

This advanced software BPM (Business Process Management) enables you to digitalise any process, get the most out of your workflows, have visibility throughout your processes and manage all your assets just from a single place.

MyMediaConnect features make it easy for you


Bring your team and other stakeholders under one roof following strict role-based policy for a streamlined collaborative process


MyMediaConnect was developed to adapt and scale to your needs


Enjoy a user-friendly interface that everyone, that both in-house and external collaborators can understand.


Keep all your assets secured, organised, updated and accessible, 24/7, anywhere in the world.

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What can MyMediaConnect do for you?

Streamline your projects processes by bringing all relevant stakeholders together, facilitating the dialogue between all of them while ensuring the visibility on each project task, status, deadlines and the person in charge.

Personalise and adjust your workflows to your needs thanks to the powerful MyMediaConnect workflow engine/module. This module was specifically designed to make the development and management of workflows easy for the Administrator. In three simple steps, you can define your team workload, preset tasks and review their status to optimise your workflows and thus improve your time to market.

If you worry about not having visibility over your projects processes, no worries, we’ve got you covered. MyMediaConnect gives you an overview of the status of all your projects, an individual view of the status of each project and the chance of checking what is going on at any stage of a project, the tasks assigned to each stakeholder and their deadlines.

Have a complete peace of mind by using MyMediaConnect soft proofing module. Among other benefits this module allows you to use annotations and comments to collaborate on your content, create a check-list of validation criteria to ensure the desired result, automatically visualise the differences between two versions of PDF files, measure the density of printing point, distances and angles, check the barcode and if it fits the text that appears on the design and correct separation of inks.

Tired of unnecessary bottlenecks and endless emails to approve every step of your projects? Move reviews and approvals out of your email with online centralised feedback and approval tools for accelerating review cycles and improve time-to-market. Use your email just to get automated online notifications whenever you need to carry out an action.

Save yourself time by centralising all your digital brand assets in just one single place.

Create your brand library and ensure your team is aligned, using up-to-date assets. Assign tags to your assets with relevant metadata to make browsing simpler and quicker and manage your files copyright with expiry dates.

Say goodbye to limited file transfer sites, bulky email attachments and accidentally junk inboxes by simply and securely share content direct from MyMediaConnect, both internally and externally.

Get the right people seeing the right content. With MyMediaConnect you can define user groups, each of which can have different permissions. As administrator, you can decide what each group can see and do by providing different access levels.

Get the most out of your projects by identifying and improve bottlenecks in your workflows. Discover how efficient your project workflow process is, and scale up or down creative resources as needed. Make decisions on content and project workflow processes backed up by data, not guesswork.

MyMediaConnect, the secure platform that provides the peace of mind you and your team deserve

The platform is using a hashing algorithm to ensure a safe encryption of your logins and the integrity of all your data.

All your information is hosted on a Tier IV Data Center which benefits from a high availability, security against natural disasters and high redundancy in all its components.
The interface is highly customisable so that each profile can only access to content that they are supposed to see.

See yourself how MyMediaConnect
can make complex simple

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