Make complex simple with MyMediaConnect

A smarter way to work with and manage your digital assets and workflows, improving efficiency, saving time and money, increasing collaboration, and stopping bottlenecks.

Why MyMediaConnect?

Optimization of internal workflows – Accelerate time to market

Move review out of your email with centralised, interactive feedback and approval tools for lighting-fast review cycles. Eliminate bottlenecks and streamline your processes by bringing all relevant stakeholders together, thus facilitating dialogue between them and avoiding unnecessary emails and calls.

Ubiquity – Location made easy

One of MyMediaConnect goals is in making your life easier.
Save yourself time by centralising and managing your digital brand assets just from one single place. No more hunting through your network to find 'IMG_190867.jpg’, MyMediaConnect makes localisation easy

Consistency – Keep consistency

Connect all your teams and their providers with your brand, sharing your assets following a strict role-based policy, which guarantees content integrity.
Manage all your projects from just one single place and tailor them to achieve coherence in your work methodology.

Efficiency - Increase Brand Management efficiency

Do more with less with MyMediaConnect. Increase your Brand Management productivity and efficiency, linking all the departments of the Brand, Agencies, Printers and other providers.
Say goodbye to complex, and off-brand file transfer sites or bulky email attachments. MyMediaConnect allows you to manage all your brand assets without depending on third parties to securely share your content or being able to reuse it.

See yourself how MyMediaConnect
can make complex simple

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